Air Bearing | Overview


Advantages of CANON Air Bearing

Canon Semiconductor Equipment INC has been manufacturing "Air Bearings" (aerostatic bearings) for decades.
They are widely used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment that require high performance such as grinding, cuttimg, triming and measurment. As a key component needed to determaine performance.

High precision
High stiffness
High damping factor
High reliability
No Oil mist
Energy saving
  • CANON air bearings has featuring various advantages such as high precision, high stiffness, High damping, high speed and ultra-low friction.
  • Non-contact structure of the air bearings avoids the effects of wear, friction, vibration and hysteresis.
  • Non-contact structure provides no oil mist, contamination and maintenance-free.
  • Design concept that considers damping performance.
  • Reliability :Burning trouble is dramatically resolved with self-lubricating sliding surface and finishing method of rotating parts.
  • Energy saving :Little air consumption enable to use the economical compact-size air compressor.


* Self-lubricating carbon system porous material … Friction and abrasion-resistant characteristic that the carbon system porous material originally has. Porous material means the material which has many pores (fine holes).

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