Realization of Carbon Neutrality | Logistics Initiatives

Reducing Environmental Impact through Joint Delivery with Another Company

At Canon Marketing Japan, we implement joint delivery*1 with Epson Sales Japan Corporation. We have the cargoes of the two companies delivered together by Nippon Express, aiming for a higher loading ratio and the use of fewer delivery vehicles, things that were difficult to achieve when our cargoes were delivered alone.
At present, we are driving the use of the Joint Delivery Center*2 in addition to the initiatives we have been taking since the start of joint delivery, that is, the use of chartered vehicles for joint deliveries to the same destinations and area-specific joint deliveries, or joint route deliveries of small lots for specific urban areas.
Joint delivery initiatives are aimed at reducing CO2 emissions from our logistics operations and contributing to preventing climate change.

*1: Illustration of joint delivery
*2: Illustration of the Joint Delivery Center