Realization of Carbon Neutrality | Initiatives at Business Locations

CO2 Reduction Activities

Initiatives for Office Equipment and Facilities

At the Canon Marketing Japan Group (hereafter, the "Canon MJ Group"), we reduce our environmental impact by replacing multifunction printers (MFPs), lights, and other equipment used at each company with energy-efficient alternatives and by taking power-saving measures for lights and air conditioners.

  • Replacing MFPs with energy-efficient alternatives and locating them optimally
  • Taking power-saving measures for lights and air conditioners
  • Introducing energy-efficient equipment such as LED lights

Improvement of Work Process and Workstyle

At the Canon MJ Group, we reduce our environmental impact by improving our work process and workstyle, such as car-sharing sales and service vehicles and no overtime work days.

  • Introduction of a car-sharing system
  • Ensuring eco-friendly driving
  • Promotion of teleworking
  • Thorough implementation of no-overtime work days

Achieving Net Zero CO2 Emissions from Power Consumption in Customer Service Spaces

At Canon MJ, we have effectively slashed to zero our CO2 emissions from electricity consumption in the showroom and customer service areas of Canon S Tower and branches.

This achievement was made possible through purchases the J-Credit Scheme*1, under which credits for power derived from renewable energy sources offsets electricity consumed from other sources.

*1: The Japanese government certifies J-Credits under the J-Credit Scheme of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the Ministry of the Environment, and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. The J-Credits refer to amounts of reduction and absorption of greenhouse gas emissions. This scheme encourages entities to adopt and expand the use of renewable energy by converting intangible CO2 emissions reductions and absorptions into credits that they can trade in markets.

Global Warming Action Plan

At Canon MJ, we have created Global Warming Action Plan and submitted them to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government under its Obligation to Reduce the Total Amount of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Emissions Trading System. We disclose the following plans for the Canon MJ headquarters (Canon S Tower), which is covered by the system.

* Following plans are available only in Japanese.