Initiatives to Realization of Carbon Neutrality

Initiatives at Business Locations

Achieving 100% Use of Renewable Energy at Five Group Business Sites

We achieved 100% use of renewable energy at five of our business sites, including the Group headquarters (Canon S Tower) and Canon MJ's office buildings (Konan, Makuhari, Aomori, and Kumamoto offices), by acquiring the FIT Non-Fossil Certificate With Tracking* for approximately nine months of electricity used over the period from April 2022 to December 2022.

* A certificate that separates and certifies the non-fossil value of electricity generated from non-fossil power sources, such as solar, wind, and biomass, with tracking information on the type of power source and the location of power plants.

Initiatives for Office Equipment and Facilities

At the Canon Marketing Japan Group (hereafter, the "Canon MJ Group"), we reduce our environmental impact by replacing multifunction printers (MFPs), lights, and other equipment used at each company with energy-efficient alternatives and by taking power-saving measures for lights and air conditioners.

  • Replacing MFPs with energy-efficient alternatives and locating them optimally
  • Taking power-saving measures for lights and air conditioners
  • Introducing energy-efficient equipment such as LED lights

Improvement of Work Process and Workstyle

At the Canon MJ Group, we reduce our environmental impact by improving our work process and workstyle, such as car-sharing sales and service vehicles and no overtime work days.

  • Introduction of a car-sharing system
  • Ensuring eco-friendly driving
  • Promotion of teleworking
  • Thorough implementation of no-overtime work days

Global Warming Action Plan

At Canon MJ, we have created Global Warming Action Plan and submitted them to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government under its Obligation to Reduce the Total Amount of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Emissions Trading System. We disclose the following plans for the Canon MJ headquarters (Canon S Tower), which is covered by the system.

* Following plans are available only in Japanese.

Initiatives with Products

Contributing to Customers' CO2 Reduction through Our Business

Nishi-Tokyo Data Center Building No. 2 Certified as an Outstanding Specified Anti-Global Warming Facility

In March 2023, Nishi-Tokyo Data Center Building No. 2, owned and operated by Canon IT Solutions Inc., was recognized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's Bureau of Environment as an Outstanding Specified Anti-Global Warming Facility (near-top-level business facility).
As a result, both the No. 1 building, which received the same designation in 2020, and the No. 2 building of the Nishi-Tokyo Data Center have been recognized as business sites that have an outstanding system in place for promoting measures against global warming. On the strength of its high-performance facilities and excellent operational quality, which have been refined through the 11 years of operation of the No. 1 building, the Nishi-Tokyo Data Center has made significant contributions to reductions in our customers' CO2 emissions. By squarely confronting society's needs and expectations and providing value through information and communication technology (ICT), we will continue to play a key role in realizing a society that achieves a harmonious balance between prosperity and the environment.

Carbon Offset for Office MFPs

At the Canon MJ Group, we support overall CO2 reduction activities in society to help prevent climate change. For this purpose, we have introduced a system, under which we implement carbon offset*1 for lifecycle CO2 emissions from office MFPs and some production printers.

This system permits offset credits, which are equivalent to the amount of CO2 reduced by use of carbon offset product , to be transferred to the customer upon request.
The customer may use the transferred offset credits as their own CO2 reduction. We also use offset credits sold by local governments, thus contributing to CO2 reduction activities in each area.

*1: Carbon offset is an initiative to compensate for (offset) greenhouse gas emissions that cannot be removed by one's own reduction efforts, by reducing or absorbing emissions made at other places.

Support for COOL CHOICE*

In support of the COOL CHOICE* campaign, the Canon Group provides energy-efficient products, proactively collects and recycles cartridges, and promotes awareness of activities for preventing global warming.

*A government initiative aimed at reducing greenhouse gases.

Find details at the following.

Reducing Environmental Impact through Joint Delivery with Another Company

At Canon Marketing Japan, we implement joint delivery*1 with Epson Sales Japan Corporation. We have the cargoes of the two companies delivered together by Nippon Express, aiming for a higher loading ratio and the use of fewer delivery vehicles, things that were difficult to achieve when our cargoes were delivered alone.
At present, we are driving the use of the Joint Delivery Center*2 in addition to the initiatives we have been taking since the start of joint delivery, that is, the use of chartered vehicles for joint deliveries to the same destinations and area-specific joint deliveries, or joint route deliveries of small lots for specific urban areas.
Joint delivery initiatives are aimed at reducing CO2 emissions from our logistics operations and contributing to preventing climate change.

*1: Illustration of joint delivery
*2: Illustration of the Joint Delivery Center