Realization of Carbon Neutrality | Initiatives with Products

Contributing to Customers' CO2 Reduction through Our Business

Through providing environmentally friendly products, such as energy-saving products, to customers, the Canon Marketing Japan Group (hereafter, the "Canon MJ Group") is contributing to customer's efforts to reduce their power consumption.
In addition, through the provision of various IT solutions, such as the consolidation of IT infrastructure through the use of data centers and the streamlining of document storage and retrieval through document solutions, we aim to contribute to the reduction of energy consumption by improving customers' operational efficiency, reducing space, and conserving resources, and thereby contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions in society as a whole.

Carbon Offset for Office MFPs

At the Canon MJ Group, we have introduced a system, under which we implement carbon offset*1 for lifecycle CO2 emissions from office MFPs and some production printers upon the customer's request, so that we can support overall CO2 reduction activities in society (forest protection and energy-saving activities of business enterprises and other organizations) to help prevent climate change.
Lifecycle CO2 emissions from our products are reduced by the environmentally friendly technologies used for them. We offset CO2 emissions that cannot be removed with those technologies, by purchasing offset credits*2 equivalent to the amount of such CO2.

This system permits offset credits, which are equivalent to the amount of CO2 reduced by use of carbon offset product , to be transferred to the customer upon request.
The customer may use the transferred offset credits as their own CO2 reduction. We also use offset credits sold by local governments, thus contributing to CO2 reduction activities in each area.

*1: Carbon offset is an initiative to compensate for (offset) greenhouse gas emissions that cannot be removed by one's own reduction efforts, by reducing or absorbing emissions made at other places.
*2: Credits that are issued to be used for carbon offset.

Support for COOL CHOICE*

In support of the COOL CHOICE* campaign, the Canon Group provides energy-efficient products, proactively collects and recycles cartridges, and promotes awareness of activities for preventing global warming.

*A government initiative aimed at reducing greenhouse gases.

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