Activities for Improving Customer Services and Value | Activities for Improving Customer Satisfaction

At the Canon Marketing Japan Group (hereafter, the "Canon MJ Group"), we listen to the opinions of each customer to improve the quality of our customer services and provide better products and services. These activities are aimed at improving customer satisfaction.

System for Taking Advantage of Customers' Voices

At our customer contact points, we collect and analyze customer opinions and requests and give feedback to Canon MJ's product planning and service & support departments. We therefore make use of the information to develop satisfactory products and provide satisfactory services.

Improving the Quality of Customer Services

Quality Improvement Based on Customer Satisfaction Surveys

At the Customer Support Center, we conduct satisfaction surveys for customers who sent us inquiries by telephone or e-mail. To customers who use mobile phones or smartphones, we send short messages after inquiries and receive responses from them. Based on the results of the questionnaires, we take steps to improve the quality of our support and provide better services to customers.

Skills Development Training of Employees

At the Canon MJ Group, we have prepared a number of training programs that are appropriate for each department and customer contact point, so that our employees can understand customers' feelings and provide services accordingly, as part of our efforts to improve their specialized skills.
Above all, at the Customer Support Center, we analyze the factors needed to improve customer satisfaction and perform exhaustive monitoring based on the results of the analysis. Using the results of monitoring, we identify the necessary guidance and training, thus enabling individuals and organizations to achieve growth.

Listening to Customers' Voices

A regular meeting of staff from the planning and development departments and the Customer Support Center

To reinforce our system for taking advantage of customers' voices, we have our employees listen to telephone conversations with customers at the Customer Support Center. We believe that it is important that employees, including those from Canon Inc., as well as those from the product planning and engineering departments of Canon MJ, should hear what customers actually say. We therefore have them understand customers' real feelings, which are not fully understood from the results of analysis only, to develop satisfactory products and provide satisfactory services from a customer's perspective.