Adding to the Joy and Enrichment of Life with Photography | Activities for Improving Customer Satisfaction

At the Canon MJ Group, we take a number of initiatives to ensure that customers who have purchased Canon products will enjoy using them comfortably.

EOS Gakuen, Photography Classes for Making Life Creative and Wealthy

We operate the EOS Gakuen, photography classes designed to introduce more customers to the joy of improving photography skills through fun classes in how to use cameras and photography techniques.
We give the classes at three facilities in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya. A wide range of courses for various levels and purposes, from those for beginners to those for advanced users, can be taken in steps. Professional photographers teach efficient ways of improving skills through lectures and hands-on practice. We also organize online classes. Distributed live from the online conferencing system, they can be taken on your computer or tablet. They are recommended for customers without photography classes in their area.

  • Those wishing to learn how to operate their cameras, from the basics
  • Those wishing to improve their skills by participating in classes and hands-on practice
  • Those wishing to acquire the basics, quickly
  • Those wishing to learn deeply about the genres and themes in which they are interested
  • Those wishing to create their own photography works

EOS Gakuen helps customers like the above to fulfill their needs.
We have invited more than 50 professional photographers, expert in various genres, to serve as lecturers (excluding some courses). The classes are intended for a wide range of people, from beginners who want to record their travels, the growth of their children, and other precious memories photographically, to veteran users whose hobby is to shoot landscapes, trains or aerial photos. We help each acquire the necessary skills to get even more enjoyment from photography.
We will contribute to enriching the lives of our customers with photography by fulfilling their desire to take photos more skillfully and print them more beautifully.

Canon Photo Circle, a Membership-Based Community of Photography Lovers

For more than 60 years, the Canon Photo Circle, a membership-based community, has been providing photography lovers with opportunities to learn photography, present their works, and interact with each other, communicating the appeal and fun of photography to them.

We have also prepared a wide array of services to allow more people to enjoy an enriched life with photography. The Canon Photo Circle, a monthly newsletter, is one such service. This newsletter shows the works of professional photographers, includes articles featuring those photographers, has pages for learning photography skills for particular seasons or themes, and provides information about cameras and lenses, including new products.

We also hold a monthly photography contest, in which works submitted by members are evaluated by professional photographers. Members use this contest as an opportunity to present their works and view and learn from the works of other members. We also hold photography events, where professional photographers give instructions as lecturers, and provide information about the Canon Photo Club, locally based circles of photography lovers.

We will continue to enhance the content to allow more people to know about the joy of photography, in an effort to improve members' satisfaction.

Canon Photo Circle, the monthly newsletter