Contribution to the Realization of a Resource-Recycling Society | Collecting and Recycling Products and Saving Resources

Collecting and Recycling Products

We collect used cartridges, toner containers, MFPs, printers, and other used products from customers and recycle them at facilities including Canon Eco Technology Park, which is a recycling center of the Canon Group.

Resource-recycling flow at Canon
Canon Eco Technology Park

Collecting and Recycling Used Products

Steps of collection

Canon products that have been used at offices and other locations are collected at nine collection centers in Japan. We recycle the used products within the Group by working together with the Canon Eco Technology Park* and Top Business Machines Co., Ltd., which are the recycling centers of the Canon Group.

Canon's recycling network

*Operated by Canon Ecology Industry Inc.

Canon Green Recycling Service -- A Service to Collect Used Products

At Canon MJ, we provide the Canon Green Recycling Service based on the Ministry of the Environment's wide-area certification system, so as to drive collection and recycling of used products. This service eliminates the need for customers to issue, manage, and report manifests when they discharge used Canon products* as industrial waste from offices and other locations, thereby improving customer convenience and contributing to promoting recycling.

*Used Canon products from households are classified as general waste, which must be disposed of by following the rules of each local government.

Collecting and Recycling Used Cartridges

Canon recycles used cartridges, regarding them as valuable resources. We make effective use of used cartridges collected from customers as resources, instead of landfilling them. This activity of collecting and recycling used cartridges is made possible by customers' cooperation. We have therefore prepared various collection routes in response to the needs of cooperating customers.

*1: Ink cartridges only
*2: Toner cartridges manufactured by Canon, waste toner boxes for LBPs, and ink cartridges manufactured by Canon
*3: Ink cartridges manufactured by Canon and toner cartridges manufactured by Canon
*4: Toner cartridges manufactured by Canon and waste toner boxes for LBPs

Linkage between Collection of Used Cartridges and Social Contribution

In addition to collecting and recycling used cartridges, we implement environmental protection activities based on the quantity of collected cartridges. Specific activities include issuance of Bellmark points based on the quantity of collected cartridges, donation to the Furusato (hometown) Project, and donation to environmental protection activities through the Ink Cartridge Satogaeri (homecoming) Project.

Initiatives to Reduce Product Packaging

The Canon Group works to reduce product packaging, not to mention downsizing its products. The Canon MJ Group also reduces packaging materials used for product delivery, repair, and maintenance, thus contributing to saving resources.

Container box used to deliver a repaired product
Container boxes used to deliver products to mass retailers
A plastic bag used to deliver parts for maintenance services
A simplified package for delivering a waste toner container*

*We use simplified packages for delivering toners and waste toner containers where automatic delivery of consumables via NETEYE is possible.

Participation in the Plastics Smart Campaign

At the Canon MJ Group, we support the idea of Plastics Smart of the Ministry of the Environment and participate in the Plastics Smart campaign.
We engage in recycling activities, reduce the use of plastics, provide environmental education, and take initiatives for raising environmental awareness. Activities of the Canon MJ Group are introduced at the Ministry of the Environment's special website of Plastics Smart.

Activity Examples

  • Recycling Class for letting students know the importance of caring about the environment
  • Remanufacturing of MFPs
  • Collecting and recycling ink cartridges
  • Closed-loop recycling under the automatic recycling system for toner cartridges