Human Resource Development

At the Canon Marketing Japan (hereafter, the "Canon MJ"), we have a basic policy of evaluating job performance, awareness, and actions fairly and equally regardless of gender, age and educational background. We apply a similar policy to human resource development. We provide educational opportunities, including opportunities to receive IT literacy education and education for each employee level, fairly to all employees who proactively seek learning.
Further, in 2021, we defined our ideal human resources and began to work proactively on human resources development, aiming to achieve the objective of developing skilled human resources that is set out in the Long-Term Management Objectives.

Ideal Human Resources

"Professional human resources who demonstrate enterprising nature and continue to be selected for their new value creation"

Human Resource Development Policy

  1. Based on the spirit of the San-ji (Three Selfs) Spirit that constitutes the Canon Code of Conduct, we create learning environments in which participants can study with a sense of ownership.
  2. We clarify the gap between aspiration and reality, and design steps to close that distance.
  3. As foundation of learning, we require our people to think issues through to the end, and to think their way to solutions.
  4. Taking the basic approach that people are trained through experience, we create not only spaces for training but opportunities to take on real-world challenges.
  5. By respecting and sometimes questioning the opinions of others, we create an environment in which we teach and are taught, educate and are educated.

    *The diversification of human resources leads to the development of human resources.

<Targeted Changes in Behavior>

The thoughts behind the logo

Learning, Challenges, and Changes

The logo reflects our desire to make the Canon MJ Group an entity that continues learning, taking on new challenges, and changing.

Based on the San-ji (Three Selfs) Spirit, we continue to learn of our own accord and use the cultivated knowledge to take on new challenges in our business or work. In doing so, we accomplish change. And this is where we start learning something new. People develop and grow through this cycle. We require employees to pursue personal development through proactive learning, thereby changing their behaviors.
We turn the personal development of individuals into the growth of organizations and the company, aiming to be an entity that continues to be preferred by customers and society.

This logo was designed with inspiration from the words, "think issues through to the end," in the Human Resource Development Policy. It symbolizes continuous thinking and infinite possibilities.

Wealth of Learning Opportunities

At the Canon MJ Group, we provide basic training that is common to all job categories, training for increasing expertise in each field and developing personnel who can lead their departments, and selective training for the management executives of the future.

Basic Training

We provide rank-specific training based on the personnel training system that defines the ability to think, the ability to execute, and the ability to involve other people, in a stepwise manner.

Specialist Training

Skills needed for business expansion are defined on a department-by-department basis, and specialist training is provided to have employees acquire those skills.

Selective Training

Instead of focusing only on the acquisition of the knowledge needed for management, we provide liberal arts training for learning diverse perspectives and flexible thinking, aiming to refine trainees' sensitivity and sensibility.

Training System

Education and Training System

We provide rank-specific training, which is aimed at supporting the transition when employees move to a higher stage, and online training intended for all employees. In rank-specific training, employees strive to achieve their ideal, of which they have a specific image, by developing their skills and mindset.
Moreover, we have expanded the menu for improving project management skills, language proficiency, PC skills, and other skills so that anyone can achieve personal development with the San-ji (Three Selfs) Spirit.
We believe it is important to develop a climate in which every single person continues learning.

We believe that the ability to think, the ability to execute, and the ability to involve other people are important specific skills that employees should acquire. We have therefore systematized them by expressing them as skills required by Canon MJ.
This permits each employee to confirm their position and get a picture of growth they have achieved after joining the company. We aim to have employees master theories on individual skills in training sessions and other opportunities, acquire the skills through daily on-the-job training, and ultimately to harness them as organizational strengths.

Asia Trainee Program

To develop globally competitive human resources, we implement the Asia Trainee Program, in which we send young employees to the Canon Group's overseas subsidiaries in Asia for language and practical training. The goal of this program is to foster professionals who are familiar with the local languages, cultures, and business customs in other Asian countries. This is a training program of Canon Inc., which is aimed at turning trainees from the Group into strong candidates for future overseas assignments.

Career Development Support

Individual Support and Career Counseling (Available on Demand)

A career counseling service provided by career consultants qualified by the national government

Regular Seminars and Career Training Sessions and Personal Interviews

Age group-specific career training, personal interviews by career consultants, and career training for managers
Career training for managers for acquiring the skills to support subordinates

Intra-Departmental Support -- Career Interviews with Subordinates by Superiors

Career interviews by immediate superiors

In-house Recruiting Program

It is important to be proactive in planning one's own career development. At the Canon MJ Group, we encourage employees to boldly take on new positions. We also implement the Job Opening Bulletin System (JOBS), an in-house recruiting program aimed at activating human resources in the Group.