Labor Practices

Employees of the Canon Marketing Japan Group work daily in accordance with the five guiding principles in the Canon Code of Conduct, so that each one of them will find their job rewarding and live with good health and wealth.

Canon Code of Conduct

Since its founding, Canon has maintained a management philosophy of having employees enjoy rich, happy lives. This founding philosophy continues today as five guiding principles in the Canon Code of Conduct -- the San-ji (Three Selfs) Spirit, Meritocracy, Internationalism, Familism, and Health First -- which are based on our commitment to respecting humanity. Thus, we are endeavoring to develop a corporate climate in which all of our employees enjoy working and are proud of their job.

Code of Conduct

The San-ji (Three Selfs) Spirit

Adhere to the principles of selfmotivation, self-management and self-awareness in day-to-day activities


Make vitality (V), specialty (S), originality (O), and personality (P) daily pursuits


Strive to become a culturally sensitive, internationally minded, sincere, and active person


Strengthen the trust and understanding of others and work together in a spirit of harmony

Health First

Live by the motto "healthy and happy" and work to cultivate character

Approach to Diversity

At the Canon MJ Group, unjust discrimination is prohibited under the Canon Group Code of Conduct. Individual employees respect each other's personality and individuality. At the same time, we recruit and deploy our human resources in a fair manner regardless of race, religion, nationality, gender, age, disability, and other attributes.

Supporting Women's Advancement

In support of the Women's Action Plan of Keidanren (Japan Business Federation), Canon MJ and Canon IT Solutions Inc. submitted voluntary plans to appoint female officers and managers.
Also, Canon System & Support Inc., Canon Production Printing Systems Inc., Canon BizAttenda Inc., and Canon Customer Support Inc. formulated action plans based on their specific challenges to foster the participation of women in workplaces and appoint and recruit female managers. By 2025, Canon MJ looks to have women accounting for 6.0% of managerial positions and 20.0% of deputy manager roles. Details are available at the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare's website for database of companies promoting active participation of women.

Employing People with Disabilities

Employees with Disabilities (Canon Marketing Japan Inc.)

The Canon MJ Group is committed to employing people with disabilities, and accordingly endeavors to create a barrier-free work environment.
As of June 2022, the percentage of employees with disabilities*1 at Canon MJ was 2.29%.
The Group will continue pushing ahead with new graduate and midcareer hiring of individuals with disabilities.

*1: The number of employees with disabilities and the percentage of such employees were calculated based on the prescribed working hours, disability levels, and other elements in accordance with the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare standards.

Balancing Professional and Private Commitments

Platinum Kurumin mark
Platinum Kurumin We provide childcare support.

At Canon MJ, we are working to develop a corporate climate which permits diverse human resources with various characteristics and values to actively participate and achieve personal growth in a mutually supportive environment. Thus, we endeavor to "become a corporate group where employees work more energetically." In April 2021, we have acquired Platinum Kurumin Certification*2 for excellence in offering childcare support.

*2: Platinum Kurumin Certification is a special certification granted to companies that have acquired the Kurumin Certification and met even higher standards for childcare support.

Programs Related to Childcare/Nursing Care

Prenatal and Postnatal Leave Prenatal leave of six weeks before the due date of childbirth and eight weeks of postnatal leave are available.
Maternity Leave and Shorter Working Hours These programs permit absence from work or shorter working hours from the time when the eligible employee confirms a pregnancy to the day before the start of prenatal leave.
Childcare Leave Childcare leave can be taken until the day before the third birthday of the child.
Shorter Working Hours for Childcare This program permits the eligible employee to work shorter hours until the child finishes their third year at elementary school.
Nursing Care Leave Employees can take a leave of absence for up to one year starting from the first day of leave per one family member to provide nursing care.
Shorter Working Hours for Nursing Care Employees are allowed to work shorter hours to provide nursing care to their family members.
Hourly Leave Employees can take leave in increments of 30 minutes for reasons including childcare and nursing care.

Second Life

Creative Life Seminar

We give Creative Life Seminar to 52-year-old employees to help them enrich their second life after mandatory retirement. We provide them with opportunities to consider their career plan at an early stage, thereby helping them to prepare for their second life voluntarily and in a well-planned manner. In addition, individual employees formulate life plans matching their values, from the viewpoints of career, life, and money, so that each one of them can lead a fulfilling life by responding to changes in an increasingly diverse society.


The culture of meritocracy, with which people who have made achievements in important and responsible jobs are assessed fairly and equitably regardless of their age or gender, is rooted in the Canon MJ Group.

Wage System and Assessment System

At the Canon MJ Group, we have introduced a position-based pay system, under which the amount of compensation is determined based on job duties and performance. Remuneration is determined in accordance with the level of position in the company, which is based on the degree of difficulty of each employee's job, regardless of age or gender. We have also adopted a system under which bonuses reflect individual achievements and the company's business performance.
Under our assessment system, which supports the wage system on the operation side, we disclose the distribution of assessment to employees. We thus clarify the final assessment, so as to improve the system's transparency and the motivation of each employee.
A superior interviews each subordinate twice a year. In the interview, they discuss their goals, progress, challenges, and career plans. We also encourage daily communication among them, thus improving the level of satisfaction of employees.

Commendation System

The Canon Marketing Japan Group Excellent Award

We praise the achievements of teams and individuals in the Group who have contributed to a remarkable performance in a wide range of areas, aiming to improve employees' motivation and increase their sense of unity.

Invention Award and Activity Award

The Invention Award is granted to inventors who have contributed to the company's business performance. The Activity Award is given to employees who have contributed to the company's activities related to intellectual property rights. Thus, this award program on intellectual property is aimed at facilitating smooth inventions and design creation, increasing employees' creative desires, and contributing to the development of the company's business.

Work Practice Reforms

We have been implementing workstyle reforms as an initiative to "Become a corporate group where employees work more energetically." This year, we launched the Work Practice Reform Promotion Project, under which we encourage productive workstyles all over the Group, aiming to establish a workstyle of completing tasks during regular working hours.

We also take measures to control COVID-19 infections, such as introducing staggered working hours and having more employees work from home.

  • Raise awareness by implementing no-overtime work days and sharing results on our information site
  • Diversify work practices by using satellite offices and telework and staggering work hours
  • Enhance work efficiency by encouraging the use of IT tools and robotic process automation (RPA)*

* RPA is an abbreviation of Robotic Process Automation, which is a process in which software robots complete tasks using applications on PCs.

Overall Image of Work Practice Reforms

Major Leave Programs [Canon Marketing Japan Inc.]

Hourly Leave We have introduced an hourly leave system, which permits employees to take leave in increments of 30 minutes. Allowing employees to take the leave for childcare, sickness, injuries, and other reasons, this program promotes flexible workstyles.
Open Vacation Program (Free Vacance Program) We have introduced an open vacation program, which permits employees to take five consecutive days of vacation once a year. We encourage them to take vacation in a well-planned manner.
Refreshment Leave In this program, we commend employees for every five years of service and grant them five to 16 consecutive days of vacation (including Saturdays and Sundays) according to their years of service, along with a monetary gift.

Major Leave Programs [Canon Marketing Japan Inc.]

Childcare Leave Childcare leave can be taken until the day before the third birthday of the child.
Maternity Leave Pregnant employees can use this program when their physical condition requires it. They remain eligible for this program until the day before the start of prenatal leave.
Nursing Care Leave Employees can take a leave of absence for up to one year starting from the first day of leave per one family member to provide nursing care.
Volunteer Leave Employees who participate in international contribution activities, such as those by Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers, may use this program with the permission of the company.