Social Contribution

At the Canon Marketing Japan Group (hereafter, the "Canon MJ Group"), we engage in social contribution activities under the Kyosei corporate philosophy, aiming to meet the demands and expectations of society in various fields, and aspiring to help build a better society.

Basic Views of Social Contribution Activities

At the Canon MJ Group, our activities are guided by the following basic views of social contribution activities.

  • Activities taking advantage of the Canon MJ Group's internal resources
  • Activities for addressing social needs and issues
  • A wide range of activities from medium- to long-term perspectives

Based on these views, we are active in a number of fields, including humanitarian issues and disasters, environmental protection, social welfare, local communities, education and academia, and arts, culture, and sports.
Donations and expenses for social contribution activities in fiscal 2022 amounted to 112.43 million yen.