Brand Management

At the Canon Marketing Japan Group (hereafter, the "Canon MJ Group"), we engage in activities aimed at improving the brand value of Canon and the Canon MJ Group in Japan.

Brand Management Activities

The Canon MJ Group complies with advertising-related laws and regulations and the industry's voluntary regulations in our PR, advertising, and the similar activities for communicating our products, corporate information, and other information to our stakeholders. This is how we advance our communication activities to help improve our brand value.
For our employees, we provide training and implement a range of awareness-raising activities to have them share the awareness and knowledge of our brand and our values.

Activities to Manage the Logo as the Symbol of the Brand and Other Marks

We engage in activities to manage the logo as the symbol of the Canon brand and other marks such as company names and product names. We deliberate on changes of Group companies' names and on the names of new products. We have also built and managed an appropriate framework for the deliberations.

Brand Strategy Committee

The Brand Strategy Committee is the highest organ that deliberates and makes decisions on important matters related to brand strategies.
Normally, deliberations and decisions on suggested names of products and services are made by the Product Name Committee, which operates under the aegis of the Brand Strategy Committee. However, the final decision is made by the Brand Strategy Committee where the product or service is deemed particularly important from the viewpoint of the Canon MJ Group's strategy.

Activities Related to Intellectual Property Rights

Amid the shift in consumer demand from things to experiences, we aim to create our unique added value with a focus on IT. To make the added value our strength, we are actively taking steps related to intellectual property.

We are working to acquire patents with a focus on natural language processing technologies, video recognition technologies, and mathematical technologies created by R&D organizations in the Canon MJ Group, as well as valuable methods applied to our solutions to customer issues.

The number of published unexamined patent applications made by the overall Canon MJ Group in 2021 was 74, and that of the overall Group's patents published in patent gazettes in the same year was 132. The total number of patents held by the Group has exceeded 1,000. These patents were acquired mainly for inventions created from the Canon MJ Group's unique products and solutions. Our intellectual property department and Group companies cooperate closely in discovering inventions and acquiring the rights for them.

In addition, at the Canon MJ Group, we begin to conduct research on third parties' rights in the design and development phase, so as to protect other parties' rights.

Initiatives to Eliminate Counterfeit Goods

At Canon MJ, we take various measures jointly with Canon to stop the occurrence and spread of problems caused by deluge of counterfeit goods.
In recent years, counterfeit battery packs and chargers for digital cameras and digital video cameras manufactured by Canon, battery grips and remote controls for our digital cameras, and printheads for our inkjet printers have been found on e-commerce sites and flea market websites in Japan. Counterfeit goods not only cause quality problems and other troubles to customers who purchased them believing that they were authentic products but also have a risk of explosion. This applies particularly to battery packs.
Therefore, at Canon MJ, we alert customers via our website by letting them know that counterfeit goods are distributed in the market and explaining to them the characteristics of the counterfeit goods. In addition, regarding counterfeit Canon products sold on e-commerce sites and at flea market websites, we send warning letters to the sellers and other parties. This has resulted in outcomes that have included their disclosure of supply routes and written promises to stop infringing on Canon's rights. Regarding heinous cases, we cooperate with the police in detecting such cases.
Moreover, to prevent the inflow of counterfeit goods from other countries, we cooperate closely with customs in each region. As a result, imports of a large number of counterfeits of Canon products have been stopped by multiple customs offices.