Initiatives to Prevent Pollution

Initiatives on Products Manufactured on Contract, etc.

For the Canon Marketing Japan Group’s (hereafter, the "Canon MJ Group") products manufactured on contract and other products, we are working to eliminate hazardous chemical substances by complying with the Global Canon Green Procurement Standards.
We confirm that our business partners have established product chemical management systems in accordance with the above Standards. We also conduct surveys of raw materials, parts, and secondary materials of products manufactured under contract to check for environmentally hazardous substances, thus confirming that the Global Canon Green Procurement Standards are observed. 

Appropriate Management of Chemical Substances properly manage chemical substances used in our business activities.

At the Canon MJ Group, we identify and manage all chemical substances* used for after-sales support for products and the similar purposes.  In accordance with the Chemical Management Procedure that we established internally, we manage chemical substances appropriately, such as by checking the usage and stored amount of substances judged to be harmful or hazardous.

In addition, when we use a new chemical substance, we assess its environmental impact in advance, thereby judging whether we can use it or not and confirming the appropriate ways of using and storing it, among other points.

*These substances include office automation cleaners and industrial lubricants used for maintenance.